8th Grade


PLEASE LABEL all gym uniforms, school uniforms, sweaters, shirts, coats, lunchboxes, bookbags, CALCULATORS and all items that have room for a label. WHEELS on bookbags are NOT permitted.

Incoming 8th Grade

ELA/Rel: Binder with separate sections: English, Vocabulary, Journal for English, Religion, Journal for Religion; Folders for English and Religion; Index Cards; Binder ring or rubber bands; Post-it Notes; Markers; Pens and pencils; Highlighters  

Science: Marble notebook, crayons or markers or colored pencils

Social Studies: 2 folders, 5 subject notebook, loose leaf

Spanish:  Chromebook/NB, loose leaf, 1 folder

Homeroom: Rolls of paper towels (2), Clorox wipes (boys), baby wipes (girls), 3 boxes of tissues

Math 8A: 2-inch 3 ring binder, dividers, loose leaf, graph paper, ruler, protractor, pencils, calculator (Ti30xs) (Label all with name.)

Math 8R: marble notebook, red folder, 1 other folder, looseleaf, graph notebook, ruler, protractor, red pen, pencils (preferably mechanical), graphing calculator