Recess Rules

1.   Safety is the number one concern!

2.   Students may not leave the playground or the gymnasium during recess without permission from the teacher/supervisor on duty.

3.   Any sports equipment used on the playground must be St. Mary’s equipment.  Any other toys, games, dolls must be approved by teacher/supervisor on duty.  No trading cards, music players, video games or other electronic equipment are allowed.

4.   Students may not go to into the building during recess without the permission of the teacher/supervisor on duty.

5.   Students must walk accompanied by a teacher from the school to the playground. They cannot run to grab equipment or start playing until the playground supervisor gives them permission to leave the line.

6.   All injuries must be reported to the teacher/supervisor on duty before going to the nurse.

7.   Students may not cross the street or leave the area to retrieve a ball. 

8.   When the bell or whistle is sounded, all students should stop moving and talking immediately and give attention to the teacher/supervisor on duty.

9.   At the end of recess, when the bell or whistle is sounded, all play should stop immediately, and all equipment should immediately be returned to the teacher/supervisor on duty.

10. All classes must be escorted into the building by a classroom teacher or the teacher on duty.

11. No fighting is permitted anywhere on school grounds.

12. No food or gum should be eaten/chewed while participating in activities on the playground.

13. No balls on the playground or in the gymnasium should ever be kicked.

14. Food, drinks and chewing gum are not allowed in the gymnasium.

15. Foul language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.

16. When students enter the gymnasium, they must take seats in the bleachers. When all the students are seated and quiet, the teacher/supervisor will assign equipment and a specific area to play. 

17. Any infraction of any of the rules listed above will result in loss of recess for the following day(s).

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