Handbook A-Z

Telephone Numbers

Main Office                                                                                                      516-627-0184

School Fax                                                                                                       516-627-3795

Tuition Office  Mrs. Yannaco  Ext. 1164                                                         516-627-0385

Development Office                                                                                         516-627-4605

Extended Day Program                                                                                    516-754-3279


When a student is unable to attend school, a parent must call the school office between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. to report the child's absence. The parent is asked to give the student's name, teacher's name, and reason for absence. A call must be made each day the student is absent.

New York State requires that a note be sent by the parent upon the child's return to school stating the date and cause of the absence. If a child is sick for three or more days, please call the office to request work. If a child is sick for fewer than three days, please contact a classmate for assignments. If a student is going on vacation, work must be obtained from a classmate.

St. Mary's School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarships and awards, athletic and other school-administered programs.

By November 30th of the upcoming school year, nursery school students must be three years old, pre-kindergarten children must be four years old, kindergarten children must be five years old, and first grade students must be six years old. Ages must be verified by a birth certificate; immunization records must be complete. A physical examination is required when a student enters school for the first time.

Transfer students must provide copies of their academic records. A screening or placement test is usually administered to transfer students.

After School Activities
A variety of after-school programs is available for the students each trimester including athletic clinics and extra-curricular activities. Information and permission slips will be sent home so that students may register. Parents are responsible for transportation.

A late bus is available for students living in the Manhasset School District.  A student who has been absent from school may not participate in or attend any after school activitiesincluding sports practices and games unless approved by the principal.  Participation in after school activities is a privilege and regular school rules apply.

Assessment Cards
Assessment cards are distributed at parent-teacher conferences or mailed home at the end of each trimester. The purpose of assessment cards is to provide information to the parents concerning achievement, effort, conduct, and work and study habits.

Parents of students in grades one-eight have online access to their children’s grades through  Gradebook ( Parents are assigned a user name and password for each child. Teachers update these grades frequently so that parents can be informed about their child’s progress.

Parent-teacher conferences are held following the receipt of the report cards.Conferences provide the opportunity for parents and teachers to share the child's educational growth, experiences, attitude, weaknesses and strengths.

The Athletic Program serves as an extension of the school's mission to educate holistically.  Participation in the Athletics Program is considered a privilege through which individual students are granted the opportunity to flourish and develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, aesthetically, psychologically, socially and physically while representing St. Mary's.  This aspect of education is the program's central goal and is made possible in part by dedicated players, parents, faculty, and staff.

The Athletics Program is a competitive one which requires commitment to both games and practices.  Sports teams include soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, and lacrosse.  Students in grades six through eight are allowed to try out for these teams.  While sportsmanship and camaraderie are a priority, students may be cut from teams if a coach deems lack of ability or maturity a safety risk.  For more information on student, parent and coach expectations, please see the website. 

There is a high correlation between academic success and school attendance. Prompt, regular attendance has a marked influence on scholastic achievement. Parents are encouraged to schedule vacation days in accordance with the school calendar.

 It is the student's responsibility to make up assignments, projects and tests missed during any absence. If a child is sick for three or more days, please call the office to request work. If a child is sick for fewer than three days, please contact a classmate forassignments. If a student is going on vacation, work must be obtained from a classmate. It is not the teacher's responsibility to prepare assignments for students who are on extended vacation. All work must be completed upon return.

If a student is absent for a state test, trimester or final exam, the student may be required to bring in a doctor's note upon return to school. Trimester and final exams cannot be made up for illegal absences.

Students in grades one through eight have the option of taking musical instrument lessons. Lessons are offered during the regular school day. It is the responsibility of the student to complete missed class work.

Students may bring treats to share with their homeroom or grade in order to celebrate their birthdays (or ½ birthdays if their birthday falls during the summer vacation)No toys, goody bags,  frozen treats, or drinks should be brought in to school as birthday treats. Please notify the homeroom teacher of birthday celebrations about a week in advance so that the teacher can allow room in the daily schedule as well as give information regarding food allergies in the grade.

Invitations to birthday parties may not be distributed in school UNLESS all of the boys or all of the girls are invited. Even when invitations are mailed, if most of the boys or most of the girls are invited, those left out will feel slighted. We must set a good example for our children! 

The bookstore is stocked with various school supplies and is open each morning before classes begin. Parent volunteers staff the bookstore.

Bus Conduct
Students are to remain seated, facing the front when the bus is in motion. Heads and arms should not hang out the windows. All litter should be removed when disembarking and nothing should ever be thrown out of the window.

Students residing in the Manhasset School District may ride a different bus within the school district provided a parent sends two notes to school: one for the bus driver which must be signed at the main office, and one for the school files. Students from other districts may not switch buses as the bus companies are not insured for students who do not reside in their school district.

Abuse of bus privileges may result in the denial of transportation.

Calendar updates will be available on the school website. The website calendar willsupersede information previously published on the annual calendar.

Cancellation of School
In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies parents will be contacted by School Messenger (the mass communication system) on their home phones, cell phones and e-mail addresses.

 For any emergency during school time, a message will be sent through School Messenger to all telephones numbers and e-mail addresses listed. If the weather is inclement during the school day, please check telephone messages and e-mail. 

Custody Issues
Unless or until documentation is presented otherwise, both parents have the same rights with regard to their child.  Upon notification as to custodial issues, parents must provide any and all court documentation regarding custody.  The documents should be provided to the principal for appropriate forwarding and review.

Dismissal Procedures
For the safety of the children, each student is assigned a specific place to be at dismissal depending on his/her mode of transportation. Students may not arbitrarily leave with a different teacher or on a different line. If a student normally takes a bus home, but the parent intends to pick him/her up one day, a note from the parent must be sent to the office that morning. If a student normally is picked up at dismissal but is to remain in the extended day program that day, a note from the parent must be sent to the office that morning. If a student is going home with another parent, a note from both parents must be sent to the office that morning. Any changes from the normal dismissal procedures should be addressed in a note to the office the morning of the change so that the homeroom teacher and the teacher who accompanies the child at dismissal are aware of the change ahead of time. Dismissal changes attempted after 1:30 pm may not be seen by the main office in which case the child will travel home under normal dismissal procedures.

Early Dismissal
If a student must leave school before dismissal he/she must bring a note from a parent to the Main Office by 8:30 a.m. Included in this request should be the student's name and grade, the reason for the early dismissal, the name of the person who will pick up the student and the time of the early dismissal. The person who comes for the student should sign out the student in the Main Office. Students who are sent home sick by the school nurse must be signed out in similar fashion.

Electronic Equipment
Gameboys, laser pens, and any other electronic devices are not permitted for use during the school day unless students are given permission by the supervising teacher.  Digital music players (e.g. iPods) may not be used during school hours, or on class trips unless permission has been given by the principal.  If devices are used without permission during the school day, they will be confiscated and held by the principal for one week for the first offense, one month for subsequent offenses.  No exceptions will be made to these consequences, even if the cell phone does not belong to the student!

Middle school students must sign and conform to the stipulations in the Chromebook Caretaker agreement upon receipt of the device. Students in younger grades who own tablets or e-readers may use them only after the student has signed a BYOD form with the computer teacher.  No student may use personal devices to access the internet.

 Students in grades N-5 may NOT have a cell phone in school. Middle School students        (6th-8th grades only) may have a cell phone in school to arrange transportation, or in the event of a disaster. The following criteria must be observed:

·   The cell phone must remain off during school hours 7:50-2:30, including field trips.

·   Parents may not call or text their children and students may not call or text their parents while on school premises. All communication between parents and students during the school day must be done using the office telephone.

·   After school (e.g. dances, activities) the student must still receive the permission of the supervising teacher to use the cell phone.

Under reasonable suspicion of cyberbullying or other inappropriate social media use, cell phones may be searched.  Desk and locker/cubbies are subject to random searches.

Emergency Drills
Fire drills, lockdown drills, and bus drills are conducted throughout the school year to at least meat the minimum requirement stipulated by NYS.  Escape routes are posted inside the door of each classroom.

Emergency Evacuation Plan
In the event that St. Mary's Elementary School must be evacuated for any reason, the following evacuation plan will be put into effect. Students will be evacuated from the elementary school facilities to St. Mary’s Church (upstairs or downstairs).

If the decision is made to send students home, parents/guardians will be contacted through School Messenger. Parents/ guardians will be asked to meet their children in the northwest corner of Macy's parking lot. The lot is located on Northern Boulevard west of the school near the intersection of Community Drive.

Faculty members will escort students from the gymnasium to Macy's parking lot and remain with the students until they are picked up by their parents/guardians.

This plan has been developed with the cooperation of the Pastor of St. Mary’s Parish, Nassau County Police Department, Macy's Security, and the principal of St. Mary’s High School.

Extended Day Program
This after school service is offered only to St. Mary's students from Pre-K through eighth grade. The program includes a snack, time for homework and study, arts and crafts, games and recreation, as well as free play and additional activities.

Extended day care starts the first day of school immediately after dismissal, and ends the final day of school at 6:00pm. The fee is $10 per hour. Please see the extended day program brochure for more detailed information.

If a student fails a course for the year, the course must be retaken and passed in summer school. If the course is not available in summer school, a certified teacher must tutor the child for thirty hours. In August, St. Mary's will give a make-up exam to all students who were tutored. That exam must be passed or the student cannot return to St. Mary's. Students who fail two or more subjects in June may be asked to leave St. Mary's. An eighth grade student who fails any subject for the year must pass the course in an approved program before being granted a diploma.

Field Trips
Two field trips per class to educational points of interest are scheduled by teachers in consultation with the principal during the school year. These trips are designed to supplement aspects of the classroom curriculum and to introduce students to the resources of the community. Field trips are privileges afforded to students; no student has an absolute right to a field trip. Students may be denied participation if they fail to meet academic or behavioral requirements. Parents will receive notices of field trips in advance; permission slips and a fee to cover transportation and facility use will be required. Class parent works with teacher to equitably determine volunteers for each field trip, and no parent may attend more than one field trip in the year.

Public graduation is a privilege earned by the successful completion of every course taken in eighth grade, and acceptable student behavior. For serious reasons - academic failure, infractions of school and attendance policies - the administration reserves the right to withhold public graduation from any student. Eighth grade students who fail a subject for the year will also not be permitted to attend the graduation dance, Class Night, and any other events held during graduation week.

The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary arrived in Manhasset from Scranton, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1926 to staff the newly built elementary school of St. Mary's Parish. Over the years, the school grew and service was extended beyond Manhasset to educate children from several school districts in Nassau County as well as children from the nearby areas of Queens County. Today, many dedicated lay teachers continue to provide an excellent academic, religious and values-based education to the students.

Homework is an integral part of the school curriculum. Its purpose is two-fold: to reinforce concepts and skills taught during the class day, and to encourage thedevelopment of self-discipline. While homework is the responsibility of the student, parents can assist by providing a quiet place for their child to work, and by checking assignments. Parents should establish certain hours of the afternoon or evening when assignments can be completed without the distraction of digital devices, television or telephone. Parents can also help students get started by reading directions together or discussing a writing assignment, but should avoid becoming too involved. Students need to learn to work independently, to develop initiative, and, at times, to work through the material slowly.

Homework consists of written work and study time. There is never a day when a student can accurately report, "I have no homework" or "I did it all in school."  If a student comes home using those phrases, that student should read for at least 30 minutes. Neatness and accuracy are expected.  Untidy papers will be returned and must be redone. In addition, students must follow the teacher's submission and formatting requirements.

Illness and Injury
Any student who has an accident in school, on the school grounds, or while engaging in any school sponsored activity, must immediately notify the teacher in charge, the principal or the nurse. In case of illness or injury, a student will be cared for temporarily by the school nurse or a member of the school staff. School personnel will render first aid treatment only. If emergency medical treatment is necessary, the parents will be contacted. If the parents are not available, the student will be taken to the emergency room at the hospital.

The New York State Department of Education requires that all children be immunized against diphtheria, poliomyelitis, measles, German measles and mumps and the Hepatitis B series. All immunizations must be up to date. New students must present written documentation of immunization before they may be admitted to class. Families who seek religious exemption must follow every appropriate step stipulated by the new Bishop Barres.  Students who already have religious exemption in place need not re-apply.

School insurance is mandated by the Diocese of Rockville Centre. This insurance iscompulsory for each student in St. Mary's School and supplements the family's insurance policy. The fee is due in September.

Internet Use
A student may not use the Internet or contact a web site using the school computers without first submitting a signed AUP. The Acceptable Use Policy will be reviewed by the computer teachers in September. The parent AUP appears at the end of this handbook. Students may NOT access the internet using their own devices.

Library & Learning Media Center
Each class has a scheduled library time each week. The library is supervised by the teachers and volunteers. Students are assisted with the selection of books and also with research projects. Reference books, and other research tools are available for the students' use. There is a fine for overdue books and lost or damaged materials must be replaced.

Lost and Found
Money, jewelry or other articles of value found in the school or on the school grounds should be turned in to the main office. Items of clothing and all other articles found on school premises will be displayed on shelves by the Northern Boulevard door. The school does not assume responsibility for lost items.

Lunch items, beverages, snacks and desserts are available in the school cafeteria for grades Kindergarten through eight. Monthly menus are posted on the school website. Lunch bags should have the child's name on the outside of the bag. No glass bottles are permitted. Students with allergies are directed to sit at designated tables in the cafeteria. Friends without allergies who wish to join them must not have any food items that will cause an allergic reaction.

Mandated Reporting
In accordance with NYS law, all teachers, school personnel, and volunteers supervising children are mandated reporters.  Mandated reporters are required to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment when in their professional capacity, they are presented with reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or maltreatment.  If you suspect something, log it and report the incident to the Principal.  If the Principal is not available, please contact the Nurse.  If you prefer, you can call Children Protective Services directly.  You may wish to visit the NYS Office of Children and Family Services website at for additional information.  Students must be advised that confidentiality may not be maintained if the matter involves health, life or safety.  In which event, staff must report appropriately.  Confidential information of the Department of Education  must never be transmitted or forwarded to outside individuals or companies not authorized to receive that information. Reasonable care must be taken regarding discussion or disclosure of confidential and sensitive information in non-secure situations, such as messages left on voice message systems, public telephone conversations, and conversations in open areas.

The school nurse's office is located near the Main Office and is open throughout the school day. The nurse is responsible for the maintenance of health records, routine health checks, parent contact concerning health problems, care of minor injuries, assisting in health teaching, and vision, hearing and scoliosis screening.

Parents should contact the nurse if a child is absent from school due to a communicable disease. When a student has recovered from a communicable disease, he/she must bring a release slip to the school nurse.

If it is absolutely essential that a student receive medication while under schoolsupervision, the parent may:

·   Come to the school and personally administer the medication, or

·   Have a doctor complete and sign an Authorization to Administer Medication Form. The nurse will then administer the medication provided that the medication is in the original pharmacy-labeled container.

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)
All parents of children enrolled in the school are de-facto members of the PTO. The purpose of the PTO is two-fold: friend-raising as well as fundraising. Meetings are held bi-monthly in the evening as published in the school calendar. The PTO Executive Committee meets every other month. A PTO family membership fee and student activity fees are billed through the tuition plan and due in the first payment.

Parent Volunteers
Parent volunteers are one of St. Mary's most valuable resources. Parents are encouraged to help in the classroom, library, playground, lunchroom, extra-curricular activities, and on field trips. Parents may contact the PTO to volunteer to share their talent and time with our students. Parent volunteers must sign in at the main office during school hours. Parent volunteers must complete the Virtus course and submit a background check before working with the students in any capacity.

Parish Sacrament Policy
Preparation for First Penance, First Communion and Confirmation will come under the direction of the Parish Religious Education Office. Instruction for the students will take place during the school day in the regular classroom setting. Parent meetings and pre­sacrament activities will be coordinated with the Parish Faith Formation program.

Photo Release
As a parent/guardian, I hereby consent that any still or motion picture film or video images taken of my child during the normal course of his/her activities related toSt. Mary's may be used by St. Mary's in whatever way St. Mary's deems it necessary for its communications, public relations, publicity, and advertising which may include but is not limited to print media, television, St. Mary's website and St. Mary’s advertising. I hereby consent that such photographs and films shall become the property of St. Mary's. St. Mary's shall have the right to duplicate, reproduce and make multiple uses of such photographs and films as it deems necessary for its communications, public relations, publicity, and advertising, free and clear of any claim whatsoever on my part as parent/ guardian.

Rules regarding recess are read aloud and posted in each homeroom.

Religious Education and Liturgies
As part of its universal mission to serve all students, the non-Catholic student is welcome at St. Mary's School. Parents, however, are expected to understand and agree that the school exists to educate in the framework of Catholic values. All students, therefore, must participate in religion classes and in the liturgical services scheduled for students throughout the school year. Students take an active part in the planning of liturgical and para-liturgical services. Spiritual life is an integral part of the education of each St. Mary's student; it is the unifying principle that nourishes and enriches our curriculum.

School Hours

·   Nursery                                  9:00 - 11:30 a.m.      Monday through Friday
·   Pre-Kindergarten                     8:45 – 1:45  p.m.       Monday through Friday
·   Kindergarten-8th grade            8:10  - 2:20 p.m.        Monday through Friday

Speech Therapist
A speech therapist is available on a part-time basis. All students who are new to the school and students referred by their teachers may be evaluated by the speech therapist. Sessions are scheduled for students experiencing difficulties in the area of speech or language development. Parents may contact the speech therapist for consultation.

Student Records
The school maintains a cumulative record for each student which includes academic achievement, grade level, attendance, standardized test scores and medical history. Student records are confidential and may not be released without written parental consent. However, a parent or legal guardian has the right to examine his/her child's file and may arrange to do so by contacting the principal.

Summer Assignments
Students going into grades one through eight are responsible for completing summer assignments in reading  and mathematics. These tasks must be completed according to the directions on the website:  Students who transfer into St. Mary's during the summer are also obligated to complete the summer assignments.

Prompt arrival at school is expected of all students. Late arrival disrupts class and causes loss of instruction time. Any student who arrives at school after 8:10 a.m. is considered tardy. Students who are late will receive a demerit. (Students arriving on late buses will not, of course, be penalized).

Textbooks are loaned to the students by BOCES or their school district. Textbooks must be covered and carried to and from classes and school in a book bag. If a book is lost or damaged it must be replaced by the student. For safety reasons book bags/backpacks with wheels must be carried not rolled in the school buildings and on school grounds.

Tuition Policy
Tuition and fees are due and payable at the time and in the manner required by the payment plan selected by the parents at registration. Depending upon the amount unpaid and the length of time such amount is outstanding, a parent's failure to pay tuition in a timely manner may result in the student being asked to withdraw from the school. Lesser sanctions which may be imposed include: a student being denied admission to classes, denied permission to take examinations, denied participation in co-curricular and extracurricular events and activities, withholding of grades and records including being denied copies of immediate and final transcripts needed for transferring or admission for further study, and not being permitted to graduate or receive a diploma.

The school uniform is to be worn from the first day of school in September until the final day of school in June (unless otherwise directed by the principal on unusually hot days).

Dress Code for Girls

  • Girls in grades K-5 must wear a knee-length jumper, white blouse and school tie.
  • Girls in grades 6-8 must wear a uniform skirt, white blouse, and navy blazer. Skirts cannot be rolled or shortened in any way. The skirt cannot be any shorter than four inches from the floor when a girl is kneeling (please allow room for growth).
  • Solid navy knee socks or navy tights must be worn each day.
  • No makeup is permitted. One small earring in each ear lobe is acceptable. No other body rings permitted. No dyed or shaved heads.

Dress Code for Boys

  • Boys in grades K-5 must wear neat, navy trousers, a white shirt and a school tie.
  • Boys in grades K-2 must also wear solid navy suspenders.
  • Boys in grades 6-8 must wear gray dress trousers, a white shirt, a school tie and navy blazer. Pants must be worn at the waist.
  • No earrings, body rings and/or facial hair are permitted.
  • Hair must be neat and appropriate (no dyed or shaved heads, no tails or carvings).

Summer Uniform

  • For middle school students only, months of September, May & June.
  • Boys, uniform polo shirt (tucked in) and shorts with school shoes & socks.
  • Girls, uniform polo shirt (bloused) and skort with school shoes & socks.

Black, brown, or navy leather tie shoes, loafers, bucks, or docksiders are the only shoes permitted. Heels may be no more than 1" in height. Soles must be flat. Sneaker-like shoes, boots, clogs, sandals and "heelies" are not permitted.

Physical Education Class Uniforms
Navy blue shorts, sweatpants and sweatshirts, and gray shirts with the St. Mary's logo are available for purchase through the school bookstore. Students may wear the gym uniform to school on PE class days. The St. Mary's Elementary School gym uniform is the onlyacceptable attire for PE class. Students who are out of uniform will receive demerits. Proper sneakers and athletic socks must accompany the uniform.

Dress-Down Days
Any time students are given permission by the principal to "dress-down," the following rules are in effect:

·   No spaghetti straps or bare midriffs.

·   No flip flops or backless shoes; no inappropriately worded t-shirts.

·   Boys shorts or pants must be worn at the waist; no baggy pants.

·   Girls may not wear any shorts (except PE shorts); capris & skorts are acceptable.

Cleanliness and neatness in dress are expected. Students who do not observe the uniform code will be dismissed from class and may not return until parents bring the uniform.

All visitors/parents/volunteers must sign in at the Main Office upon entering the school building. While parents are welcome and encouraged to visit, they are asked not to interrupt classes. To encourage student responsibility, parents will not be permitted to deliver "forgotten" items. The only exceptions will be eyeglasses and lunch.