Incoming 6th Grade

‚ÄčIncoming 6th Grade Summer Assignment

Read Code Talkers by Joseph Bruchac and The Lightning Thief by Percy Jackson. Then, type each assignment. Provide your name and underlined title of the book. Number and answer the following 10 questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES, restating the question in your answer! Provide evidence and details for each answer when necessary in order to obtain full credit.

1. Protagonist – Who is the main character?

2. Dynamic or Static Character – Has the main character changed

(DYNAMIC) or remained the same (STATIC) throughout the book?

Provide details to support this answer.

3. Antagonist – Who or what is trying to prevent the PROTAGONIST

from accomplishing his/her goal. Cite detail(s) to show this!!

4. Genre – Explain what characteristics are present for this genre.

5. Setting – Please cite time(s) and place(s).

6. External Conflicts – Find an example of the following conflicts

when present in the book.

a.) Character vs. character

b.) Character vs. nature

c.) Character vs. society/technology

7. Internal Conflict – Explain an internal conflict experienced by any

character in the book.

8. Climax – Explain when you felt a turning point in the book. When

did you feel the entire mood change?

9. Theme - What universal message or lesson can be learned from

this book which could possibly benefit you and everyone across

time and place?

10. Character Trait – Choose a character trait for the main

character. Provide evidence from the book to support this choice.

*Bonus: choose one or more quotes/lines from the book which had meaning for you. Share why you enjoyed the quote or explain why you feel that line has meaning for you or the overall experience of the book.

Both reports are due September 12th. This will be the same assignment that will be required throughout the year each month - the independent reading will continue! 

Required Monthly Independent Reading Books 2018-2019

Mrs. Hoffman 6th Grade


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*Summer reading books are listed below with the monthly reading list.

*An Independent Monthly Reading Book must be in class/backpack always during this school year.

*Students are always reading an independent reading book or working on an assessment for the next month.

*Many students work way ahead so they can be more organized and enjoy their activities and free time.

*In general, assessments are due the first day back to school each month.

*Assessments are to be TYPED and submitted in Google Classroom there is an ASSIGNMENT listed where you can submit.

*Students must borrow, purchase, or download these books to read independently. Often students read the book and listen to the audio of the book to enhance comprehension and word recognition. Many of these can be found in the library.

*Assignments must be punctual or grades will be lowered. You have the list, assignment, and due dates for the year way in advance!

*These books are to be read in addition to those books read together in class.

* A monthly assessment guideline is listed with every book in Google Classroom.

*The books and dates are also listed for each month on the school calendar and Google Classroom for the entire school year.

**PURCHASE THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO BULLYING by Aija Mayrock for in-class use all year starting 9/7


**CODE TALKERS by Joseph Bruchac Due September 12 - Summer Reading

**THE LIGHTNING THIEF by Percy Jackson Due September 12 – Summer Reading


A LONG WALK TO WATER by LindaSue Park Due October 1

SHOOTING KABUL by N.H.Senzai Due November 2

NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry Due December 3

ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS by Scott O’Dell Due January 1

BUD,NOT BUDDY by Christopher Paul Curtis Due February 1

LOSER, CRASH, or WRINGER by Jerry Spinelli Due March 1

HOOT, FLUSH, SCAT or CHOMP by Carl Hiassen Due April 1



***THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO BULLYING by Aija Mayrock Due May 1 but must be in class September 7th

(You will work on a chapter a month and that will be the assignment for May 31)

* Please review my Google Site and Google Classroom for more information regarding the school year. The links are listed above.





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