Word of the Week

1. adversary  (noun) enemy or opponent
2. trivial (adjective) unimportant
3. pilfer (verb) to steal
4. ornate (adjective) fancy or showy
5. famished (adjective) very hungry
6. immaculate (adjective) very clean
7. cuisine (noun) a type or style of food or cooking
8. obstacle (noun) someone or something that gets in your way
9. vivacious (adjective) lively; full of life and spirit
10. lenient (adjective) not strict; relaxed about rules
11. defy (verb) to challenge or dare
12. etiquette (noun) manners
13. eloquent (adjective) well-spoken
14. malady (noun) an illness
15. rotund (adjective) round; plump
16. gargantuan (adjective) huge; immense
17. cherish (verb) to care for or value
18. predicament (noun) a dangerous or embarrassing situation
19. detest (verb) to hate
20. nimble (adjective) able to do something quickly and easily; handy; skillful
21. meddle (verb) to interfere or butt in
22. unique (adjective) unusual
23. meander (verb) to turn or wind; wander
24. wrath (noun) great anger or rage
25. dilly-dally (verb) to waste time; dawdle
26. accelerate (verb) to speed up
27. stifle (verb) to hold back or stop something from happening
28. haphazard (adjective) disorganized
29. triumph (verb) to overcome or win
30. acquire (verb) to get
31. radiant (adjective) very bright; shining
32. abundant (adjective) plentiful
33. transport (verb) to carry from place to place
34. astonish (verb) to surprise or amaze
35. persevere (verb) to keep trying despite difficulties
36. novice (noun) a beginner
37. drench (verb) to get really wet all over; soak
38. candid (adjective) honest; truthful
39. essential (adjective) very important
40. reluctant (adjective) unwilling