Athletics Policy

St. Mary's Elementary School Athletics Policy

Philosophy & Goal

            St. Mary’s Elementary School is committed to celebrating the uniqueness of every individual and to educating holistically with the Athletics Program serving as an extension of the school’s mission. Participation in the Athletics Program is considered a privilege through which individual students are granted the opportunity to flourish and develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, aesthetically, psychologically, socially, and physically while representing St. Mary’s. This aspect of education is the program’s central goal and is made possible in part by dedicated players, parents, faculty, and staff.

            The St. Mary’s Elementary School Athletics Program is a competitive one which requires commitment to both games and practices. Sports teams include soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, and lacrosse. Students in grades 6 through 8 are allowed to try out for these teams, and on some occasions designated by the principal and coaches, 5thgraders will be allowed to try out as well. Reasons why 5thgraders might be allowed to try out include but are not limited to having a coach wishing to develop a team from a younger age, or lack of sufficient participation by students in the upper grades. While sportsmanship and camaraderie are a priority, students may be cut from teams if a coach deems lack of ability or maturity a safety risk.

Student Expectations

            Students wishing to participate in the privilege of being part of the St. Mary’s Athletics Program are held to the following expectations:

  • Students will respect themselves, other players, coaches, parents, and other spectators, and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Students will continue to abide by all school rules and regulations outlined in the St. Mary’s Student Handbook when taking part in practices, games, as well as to and from games. Disciplinary infractions will be handled in a manner consistent with this Handbook with possible sanctions ranging from verbal warnings to being dropped from teams to expulsion from school in the most serious cases.
  • Students will maintain good academic standing.
  • Students will recognize that the coach is responsible for setting each team’s individual rules and regulations which must be followed in addition to the Athletics Program’s general expectations. This includes decisions on playing time, practice and game scheduling, line up, and the like.
  • Students will be fully committed to the team which includes attending all practices and games. If a student is unable to attend a game or practice, he or she is expected to inform the coach in advance through email, phone call, or in person.
  • Students will hand in all required forms and the $100 fee before trying out for a team. The required forms are the general permission slip (signed by parent/guardian), and two medical release cards (one copy for the main office, one copy for the coach).
  • Please note that students will not be permitted to participate in sports programs unless these forms are properly filled out and turned in at three school days in advance so that they can be reviewed by school personnel.

Students unable to abide by these expectations may be subject to disciplinary consequences established by school administrators, which could include loss of Athletics Program privileges.

Parent and Coach Expectations       

            Parents and coaches must strive to assist the student-athletes in meeting the expectations set for them. They are expected to be role models in the way of respect for others, commitment to the school and Athletics Program, and good sportsmanship.

            Mainly through use of the athletics page on the St. Mary’s website, coaches will effectively communicate practice and game schedules to parents once they are available. Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their student-athletes after practices and games are over. If parents are unable to retrieve their children after games or practices in a timely fashion, parents are asked to not send their children on that day, or to make other accommodations as coaches must remain with students until they are picked up. Finally, parents are asked to inform the main office as well as the coach of any changes in transportation after practices or games.