Thanks so much to all the moms who helped with our Valentine's party.  What a fun party we had with delicious treats, amazing goody bags and many cards to enjoy at home!

As we begin the final week of February we will learn all about the letter O.  We will be creating an ocean bulletin board with many sea projects.  Alpha Bag will be on Wednesday for the letter O.  

Our new word family is "it".  We will be learning kit, fit, hit, lit, sit and pit. 

We will be reading Dr. Seuss books all week as we celebrate Dr. Seuss Day on Thursday.  

Finally, we will continue to practice our addition skills while we learn how to write the number 6. 

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Happy Birthday, Alina - Feb. 1st
Happy Birthday, Natalie - Feb. 10th
Happy Birthday, Owen T. - Feb. 24th
Happy Birthday, Charlotte C. - Feb. 27th

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