Welcome to PreKindergarten!

This week brings us to SPRING!!!!
Due to the shortened week we will not move on to the letter U.  We will be reviewing the letters we already learned while we make Spring and 
Easter projects.

We will learn the "en" word family
This will include:
hen, den, pen, ten men, Ben

We will continue to practice our subtraction and addition skills while we begin to learn how to write the number 9!
Make a loop and then a line,
That's the way to make a 9!

Alpha Bag on Wednesday will be any letter we have learned already.

Finally, the PreK will dismiss on Thursday at 11:30 for report card conferences and we are closed on Friday for a teacher professional development day!
Have a great weekend!

Thanks again for all you do to help us teach your children!

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March Birthday's

Happy Birthday Oliver - March 18

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