7th Grade Religion
7th-Grade is an important year of Catholic faith.Through books, stories, arts, music, and drama, students will focus on morals and virtues, especially thoughtfulness and compassion. Students will use these tools to interpret and discuss scripture. Students will be guided to strengthen their relationship with themselves and with God as they prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation.

Wednesday, June 7
Religion Chapter 8 Quiz 
Study Guide on Monthly Calendar 

Homework DUE Friday, March 31
choose an Apostle and do a google search. Write down 3 facts about his life. Explain why you chose to write about this particular disciple.

Religion Trimester 
Friday, March 17
Religion 2nd Trimester Exam Study Guide.docx

*Thursday, March 9
Chapter 6 Quiz*

DUE March 2
Religion Homework
Read page 43-50
and complete ALL Review Activities on p. 48
and Test Your Catholic Knowledge p.49

Thursday, February 16
Religion Chapter 5 Quiz 
Chapter 5 Quiz Study Guide.docx

DUE 2/2
Review/study Religion Chapter 5 Activities
p. 36
An Album of Jesus 
The Gospel Truths
The Honest Truths
Chistmas Crossword

Read article on the installation of Bishop Barres 

Be aware of due dates for Confirmation books