September: The Alchemist
Discovering our Personal Legends
As a class, we will be embarking on a great journey towards better understanding each of our own personal legends. We will begin this year with Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, through which we will follow the journey of a young sheepherder, Santiago as he travels towards his own personal legend and treasure

Essential Questions: 
1. What is important to you? 
2. Which steps must we take to accomplish what we want most?
3. What can we learn from self-reflection and observation?
4. What can a novel teach us? 

"Think after" question: response should be 5-7 sentences, restate questions, and include at least one quote from text as evidence
Part one (due Monday 10/3): Choose a pivotal moment in Santiago's journey thus far. What does he learn from this moment? Does it help or hinder his process towards achieving his goal? What allegorical character would you choose to represent Part One of The Alchemist? 

Class work Assignments: 
Probable Passages Chart: Predictions_Probable Passage activity.docx
Figurative Language Poem: Figurative Language Poem.docx
Allegorical Characters Chart (should be completed at the start of every class): Allegorical Characters Chart.docx
Socratic Seminar Documents: Socratic Seminar Rubric.docx
Socratic Seminar Observation Checklist.docx

Discussion Questions:
Due Monday 9/19 (pgs 1-20): Discussion Questions Pages 1-20.docx
Due Tuesday 9/20 (pgs 25-30): Discussion Questions Pages 25.docx
Due Monday 9/26 (pgs 35-45): Discussion Questions 9.20.docx
Due Wednesday 10/5 (pgs 57-77):Discussion Questions Pages 57.docx 
Due Thursday 10/6 (pgs 77-97): Discussion Questions Pages 77-97.docx
Due Friday 10/7: Just read pages 97-107 

Vocabulary: Vocabulary Alchemist.docx

Final Assessment Due Tues Oct 11th: The Alchemist Visual Essay Project Updated.docx
Sheet Two Template.docx
Sheet Three Template.docx
Sheet Four Template.docx

Class Notes:
Alchemist Intro Updated.pptx