8th Grade ELA

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"If either of us had joined this caravan based only on personal courage, but without understanding the language, this journey would have been much more difficult" --The Alchemist

Course Overview: 

We will learn how to capitalize on each of our unique and invaluable talents towards accomplishing three major goals for the upcoming year:
1. Perspective taking and reflection: by reading different genres, studying narration and characterization.
2. Conscientious reading: using close reading strategies to form opinions, make insightful inferences about character motives and qualities.
3. Effective Writing: using concrete evidence from text to support well developed statements.

Course Assignments:

Class participation 

"Think After" questions (Quiz grade): assigned once a week, overarching question concerning content material being covered. Each response must be 5-7 sentences in length, follow the standards of conventional English, and include one quote as evidence from text. 

Discussion questions from text covered per month

Collaborative class work assignments (about two to three a month per book)

Independent Reading reports due at the end of each month

Final Assessment on in class book per month

Cardinal Rules: 

To act with humility and dignity while making decisions

Approach content material with an open mind

Always show respect and empathy for others

Take responsibility for your own learning, as well as the learning of others

Complete assignments to the best of your ability 

Always ask for help! 

** Please check novel tabs and calendar on class website to make sure you are up to date with assignments. Classwork, HW assignments, and lessons will be posted on each corresponding novel page.   

***HW assignments will appear on day it is due on calendar with link to assignment itself attached. Assignments can also be found in novel tabs 

2016-2017 Reading List:
ELA 8 2016-2017 Book List.docx

JUNE FINAL STUDY GUIDE: June ELA Final Study Guide.docx

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