Writing Activities
"Catholic Schools Dividends for Life"
Create at least a 3 paragraph essay explaining how you feel a Catholic School education can benefit you in your future. Please refer to this article or the internet for suggestions.
Aesop's Fables
Read these fables and create a modern-day fable with a moral of your own!
Bible Quotes
After choosing a VIRTUE, THEME OR TOPIC, Elaborate your ideas through the use of bible quotes.
Compare/Contrast Essay
Compare and Contrast Essay - Jobs in Colonial Williamsburg to jobs in today's job market
Concrete Poetry
Create your own concrete poem from this website
Creating Modern Fables
Choose a fable to read or listen to. Modernize this fable retaining the same moral.
Expository Writing Prompt
"Jelly Belly" Factory Tour
Fractured Fairy Tale - modern
Create a modern fractured fairy tale
Interactive Idiom practice
Palindrone Game
Test your knowledge
Refer to the DOCUMENT OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS to create a well thought out essay which reflects your beliefs on respecting human life.