Monthly Poetry Requirements
Monthly Poetry Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A different TYPE of poetry will be presented at the beginning of each month. Time in class during writing periods as well as in English classes will be provided to begin each student's creation. Each poem will have a due date found on the eBoard for each month. The poems must have a certain format please: 1. Name St. Mary's Mrs. Hoffman (type of poem) (skip) "Title" 2. Please always have this final copy proofread twice and typed with graphics. 3. Please space this poem and make it very eye-catching because these, (YOU!) , will be my hall decorations each month! Hence, why I include a seasonal theme with the TYPE of poetry! 4. This is great fun and a time to show me your creativeness and willingness to go the extra (which I will so recognize and appreciate!). I look forward to learning more about you through your poetry! Thank you! Mrs. Hoffman --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Created on 11/3/2008 - Last updated on 11/14/2009