Spanish 7

Welcome to Spanish class.
Have a wonderful year and keep talking!



Please bring to every class:
iPad, notebook
at least 2 sheets of looseleaf
 two pens
 a folder for worksheets and assessments.

¡Recuerden! have homework the night before every class.....even if you have no written homework, you need to study the
latest lesson.

You never know when there will be a pop quiz

All assignments
(unless otherwise noted) are expected to be handwritten on looseleaf.  During vocal activities, please have the page open in the real book.

Please don't use your iPads during class for anything other than the task at hand; that includes playing games, using the internet or other applications that are not allowed at the time. Students who engage in those activities will be served a demerit.

Please don't use translating applications to complete assignments for obvious reasons. Your assessments will reflect how well you know the information- not the iPad.
Websites and resources are listed below; check out items like the Spanish name lists, games and reinforcement activities.  Any fun Spanish sites that you may find are absolutely welcomed too.

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