Explorers Project

Explorer’s Project due April 25

Part 1 Research

In class you will select an explorer. You will research information and write a report about your explorer. Include as much information as possible.

  • When and where your person was born.

  • Any interesting facts about their adult life, and which country they sailed for.

  • What was the reason for their exploration?

  • What did they learn from the people they encountered on their exploration?

  • Did the explorer bring anything back to the country they explored for?

  • What other accomplishments did he have?

  • What impact did this explorer have on the AGE OF EXPLORATION?

  • You will include a separate sheet in your report for works cited: books, websites, other sources.

Part 2 - Oral Presentation

You will give an oral presentation to the class to explain what you learned about the explorer. Put your information on index cards, you will not have your report to read.

Part 3- Map

Create a map on construction paper no smaller than 12” by 18”. Show the voyages, (route), your explorer’s made.(Date the voyages)

Part 4 - Mystery Object

Bring in an object that represents your explorer. (For example if your explorer brought maize back to Europe you could bring in a picture of maize, or plastic corn.) This object will be placed in the mystery box that will be in the classroom. At the end of all the presentations, the mystery objects will be displayed and matched to the explorers.

Be as creative and neat as possible and have fun!!!!

You will receive 2 ELA grades, 3 grades for Oral Presentation and 3 Social Studies grades. (8 grades)

I am aware of my son’s/daughter’s project.

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