All Souls Day Remembrance

                             All Souls Day Remembrance
                                         Due October 21

As ALL SOULS day approaches we remember those that have passed away, and pray for their souls. You are going to think about someone that you would like to remember on ALL SOULS DAY.
(It can be a friend, family member or someone you have read about.)

You are going to write an essay (at least three paragraphs) on loose leaf.

Paragraph 1- A biography of the person's life. Who they are, how you know them and what they did.
Paragraph 2- An experience you had with that person or something special they did.
Paragraph 3- How this person influenced you, or why you will remember them.
If possible attach a picture of the person you are writing about.

4- Student's essay is well-focused. Biographical details have been included. Student explained with details, how this person influenced them.
3- Student's essay has a clear main idea, with some supporting information.
Some biographical information has been included. Student explained how the person influenced them.
2- Student's essay is somewhat clear, but more information is needed. Minimal biographical 
information has been included. Student did not include how the person influenced them.
1- Student's main idea is not clear. No biographical information was included.

4- The student has used a variety of sentences, with few or no spelling and/or grammatical
3- The student has written sentences with some spelling and/or grammatical errors.
2- The student has written repetitive sentences with many spelling and/or grammatical errors.
1- The student has poorly structured sentences with a significant amount of spelling and grammatical errors.