Mrs. Schnatz - 4th Grade Math

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                    Welcome to 4th Grade Math!                                          
Symbaloo is a way to connect to all of my math resources. 

Equivalent Fractions

Simplifying Fractions Video

Compare Fractions Using Common Denominators

* Identify Fractions
* Generate Equivalent Fractions
* Simplify Fractions
* Compare & Order Fractions
* Add Fractions
* Subtract Fractions
* Multiply a Whole Number by a Fraction

Math Word Wall
Equivalent Fraction
Simplest Form
Common Denominator
Like Fractions
Unlike Fractions

 Extra Learning is Tuesday at 7:40am

hink Central Site:

Problem of the Week

Using Problems of the Week (POW) is a great way to promote problem solving and critical thinking skills. Every Monday a POW will be posted and an answer sheet will be sent home. All POW's are due on Friday.

Splash Math
An interactive math website that will be assigned as a homework to reinforce 
the skills learned in class.