Mrs. Tripi - 3rd Grade


What to expect:

This module uses literature and informational text such as 
My Librarian Is a Camel to introduce students to the power of literacy and how people around the world access books. This module is intentionally designed to encourage students to embrace a love of literacy and reading.

In this unit, students will explore how geography impacts readers’ access to books. All instruction in this unit builds toward the final performance task for the module: an informative “Accessing Books around the World” bookmark. In the first part of the unit, students will read informational texts about world geography as they build vocabulary and understanding related to physical features and how physical characteristics of a region influence how people access books. Students then will explore external resources that support the power of reading, focusing on the important role of libraries.

Spelling Lessons 11-15 will focus on consonant -le syllable pattern, silent letters kn, gn, wr, gh, Consonants /s/c, /j/g, dge, V/CV and VC/V Syllables.