Spelling Homework & Lists

Each month there will be a new “Tic Tac Toe” board. Students need to choose & complete 3 of the assignments on the board each week.

Spelling Tests will be each Friday.

The “challenge sentence” at the end of each spelling test from now on helps me to assess those students who are meeting and exceeding the NYS and Diocesan Standards. The sentences will include the site words that we have been working on all year. It is not something that the children can study for. Thank you for your help and support.

Please find all spelling lists in the attachment below.

Enrichment- As the year continues if you would like to substitute ANY of the spelling tic-tac-toe boxes for any of the following assignments please feel free to do so:
1. Write sentences including the spelling word
2. write the word 3 times each
3. ABC Order

Spelling Lists 1st Grade FINAL.pdf